Sunday, April 26, 2009

Birthday Highlights

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We had a blast this weekend celebrating Taylor's 13th birthday! We had a party with her friends on Friday...a Mall Scavenger Hunt and 17 again...the girls were in heaven! After the movie, we came home and had brownie sundaes and opened presents. Thanks for all the cute fun gifts! I'm glad Taylor has such good friends.

Saturday, both girls won their soccer games...and Taylor took this as another Birthday Treat! Later that night, Scott took the girls out for a Daddy/Daughter birthday dinner at Red Robin.

Sunday morning, Taylor woke to traditional decorations and more birthday surprises...a birthday cake, new clothes, gifts from grandparents, and birthday greetings from church friends. Her YW leaders gave her a cute placque and everyone sang to her!

Spoiled and sweet! Love you Taylor, deserve all the happiness in the world!

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Thursday, April 23, 2009


I had to post this cute picture of Shaylie and me on our Mommy/Daughter hike to Red Cliffs. Thanks for making us look so good, Annette!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter Week 2009

Here are some fun pictures of our Easter Week festivities, which included YW Missionary Week, a Mommy Daughter hike to Red Cliffs, and the Kite Festival.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter!

I'm posting my Easter greetings a bit early, because I am anticipating a very busy weekend ahead. First, and foremost, we are having family visit. My mom is coming down and so are my brother Chad and niece Bella. My sister, Anissa and niece Anje will assuredly come over too. So nice to have my house full of family!

Also, I am wearing many hats this weekend...I have been asked to sing in Sacrament Meeting and Taylor will be accompanying me on her flute, along with my great friend, Melanie! I'm a bit nervous since I've only sung a solo twice before and neither were very momentous. I'm glad to have my darling with me and Melanie always is a pleasure to listen to. I am also teaching RS this weekend as a substitute. I haven't done this in so long, but I am excited to teach adults again. I am also doing my usual job of printing the bulletin for the week. I am not complaining at all...but it does take time!!! And, of course, with my nieces and my daughters....we will have no end of Easter activities. We are planning to do eggs, treasure hunts, and Easter dresses--a fun tradition at our house.

With all of this, it might be easy to forget the real cause for celebration! But we do our very best to remember the "reason for the season." I am so grateful for my Savior! I am so glad for the opportunities I have to serve Him in everything that I do. I am grateful for family and friends that make this life worth living! I wish you all the very best of days and that you may feel the love of Him whose life, death and rebirth we celebrate this weekend! Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What a Sweetheart!

At the risk of being forced to rename my blog, Random Bits of Twilight, I have to post the treat that my wonderful friend Annette brought over last night!

Totally Awesome, right?! Anyway, thanks for thinking of me Annette. I will enjoy my treat as soon as I can! (I wonder if there's a way to frame a box? Hmmm....) :)