Sunday, February 28, 2010

March 1st--The Day It Begins

In the morning, it will be the First Morning in March! This is the day I have designated as the first day of my new workout schedule leading up to the first day of my Couch Potato-to-5K training which will begin on March 15th. I figured I better get my sedentary (albeit much lighter) body used to moving a bit before I start torturing it with running right off the bat!

So tomorrow morning at 7:30, I will be on the treadmill walking for 30 minutes!! I'm excited to get going on my plan. The only trouble I see that might hinder me in my goal is that my leg is still numb from knee to toes. It has been that way for about 2 weeks now and I'm not sure what is causing it..probably my back, but who knows? It doesn't hurt, but it is weird. If you've ever sat on your leg for a bit too long and then tried to walk on it, that is how it feels...only mine doesn't ever wake up. I went walking around the neighborhood today to deliver some RS invites and it felt like my numb foot was just slapping the sidewalk. But, like I said, it doesn't hurt so I guess I will just press forward. If it doesn't start shaping up in a week or so, I'll have to break down and go to the doctor. Dumb leg!

Another thing I have to do is decide which race I want to run in...if any of you know of a fall 5k, let me know! I think it will help motivate me to have a specific race in mind! I was thinking of the Utah Summer Games 5K but that may be a bit sooner than I have time for.

Wish me luck! I haven't been active in YEARS, but this is Phase 2 of my Master Plan. Phase 1 was to weigh less and that's been a great success so far! I'm down 98 pounds (and counting) so I don't have that excuse anymore! Now the plan is to start cultivating a more active, healthy, movement based lifestyle! I'm going to need all the luck I can get! :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

New Beginnings

Taylor, Scott and I went to the Young Women's New Beginning Program last night. I was so excited to learn about the new Personal Progress program! Taylor has been working so hard on getting her award...she is almost done, but I was excited because I'd heard that with the new program, Mom's can earn the award too! Sure enough...Kara Reid and Bishop Staheli encouraged us to earn our own Recognition Medallion along side our daughters. So I got my book and journal and I'm starting tonight! I have a ways to go to catch up with Taylor though. I can't believe how much she has been doing. I've already got a couple things under my belt as I was sort-of working on it when I was a leader a few years back, but there's so much more to do! ;)

This sort of thing is right up my alley though, so I'm thrilled to get going.  I love setting goals and making plans. I love how it really makes you think about so many different aspects of the gospel and helps you to apply them to your life in new you get to earn pretty jewelry! Always a bonus in my book! I'd already set several goals for the year and now I'll supplement them with Gospel doctrine and be on my way!

Can't wait to see Taylor and me strutting around in our matching medallions! And then I'll get to earn it again with my Shaylie! Yay...isn't the Church awesome?  ;) We are going to ROCK this program.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

So Many Blogs, So Little Time

It occurred to me the other day, that I don't think many of my blogging friends realize that our family has TWO blogs-- the Random Bits of Brilliance page that you see here, which is mostly just my randomness with a smattering of occasional brilliance and the other is online journal.

I thought I would invite you all to follow as well, since this is where we post much of our day to day excitement...or lack thereof! If you are interested, you can add to your Blog Lists as well to get automatic updates whenever we post!  :) All the Jesienouski family news you could possibly want! Check it out1

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

About To Get Even More Brilliant ;)

I am SO excited to post that I have been accepted to the University of Utah Educational Psychology program. I just got the email today!!! Starting in May I will be pursuing my Masters Degree in School Counseling. I've been hoping to do this for so long now. It will be a lot of hard work but I know that with my family being so supportive that I will be able to rise to the challenge. Yay! I'm sure my posts will be full of this news in future! I can't believe I'm going back to school!!!!