Sunday, February 28, 2010

March 1st--The Day It Begins

In the morning, it will be the First Morning in March! This is the day I have designated as the first day of my new workout schedule leading up to the first day of my Couch Potato-to-5K training which will begin on March 15th. I figured I better get my sedentary (albeit much lighter) body used to moving a bit before I start torturing it with running right off the bat!

So tomorrow morning at 7:30, I will be on the treadmill walking for 30 minutes!! I'm excited to get going on my plan. The only trouble I see that might hinder me in my goal is that my leg is still numb from knee to toes. It has been that way for about 2 weeks now and I'm not sure what is causing it..probably my back, but who knows? It doesn't hurt, but it is weird. If you've ever sat on your leg for a bit too long and then tried to walk on it, that is how it feels...only mine doesn't ever wake up. I went walking around the neighborhood today to deliver some RS invites and it felt like my numb foot was just slapping the sidewalk. But, like I said, it doesn't hurt so I guess I will just press forward. If it doesn't start shaping up in a week or so, I'll have to break down and go to the doctor. Dumb leg!

Another thing I have to do is decide which race I want to run in...if any of you know of a fall 5k, let me know! I think it will help motivate me to have a specific race in mind! I was thinking of the Utah Summer Games 5K but that may be a bit sooner than I have time for.

Wish me luck! I haven't been active in YEARS, but this is Phase 2 of my Master Plan. Phase 1 was to weigh less and that's been a great success so far! I'm down 98 pounds (and counting) so I don't have that excuse anymore! Now the plan is to start cultivating a more active, healthy, movement based lifestyle! I'm going to need all the luck I can get! :)


Melanie and Curtis said...

Way to go Tonya! The 5K that I love is in Kaysville so I guess you would have to travel :) It's on the July 4th weekend. My sister and I had a great experience with it last year. Way to set a goal. I know I always need some race in mind to stay motivated to exercise! I sure hope you can get your leg figured out..that is so weird. I wish I could wave my magic wand for you!

Shal said...

Have you seen a chiropractor, one of the signs that I had a pinched nerve was the tops of my feet were constantly numb. One visit fixed it.