Sunday, June 6, 2010

Catching Up

You would think that in 6 weeks of our busy lives that I would have lots to post about....but I don't. I have been busy, busy, busy with all the normal activities of our lives. I wanted to mention a few highlights however to hopefully get me back into the blogging spirit.

Taylor turned 14 and went to her first Stake Youth Dance. She was so excited when she left but by the time she got back, I think some of that had turned to disappointment. She saw some kids from other wards that she knew but no one asked her to dance. Weirdly, I'm okay with that. I think as time goes by she'll enjoy them more, but if  the boys around never realize what a gem she is until she's out of high school, I'm okay with that too! She performed in her school theater class production and in the school Talent Show! She rocked a hip-hop dance with her friend Shaylee! She's been spending a lot of time in Holden this summer already so far and she has soccer camps and girls camp and tryouts coming up before long.

Shaylie has just finished 4th grade! I can't believe next year will be her last year of Elementary School. She is struggling to find friends to play with this summer. She found out her new teacher will be Mr. Porter. I hope she can find some good friends in his class next year. She is still loving Kung-fu and will compete in the Utah Summer Games on June 26th in Cedar. She's looking forward to this. She performed her Basic Form at her school talent show too. We've decided that this summer I'm going to give Shaylie cooking lessons. She hasn't done much cooking up until now, but I swear Taylor was cooking before age least a few things, like eggs and ramen. So the lessons have already begun. She's doing great so far! I look forward to the day when I can hand all the cooking duties over to my girls. :)

Scott has been busy with work as usual but he's managed to be at all the girls activities and performances. I'm so glad he's a dad that is involved with his kids. He's been running a lot lately and is doing about 3 miles now on the treadmill. There are always plans with trains...I think he is going to move the layout from his train room to a friends house in Ephraim and he'll begin building his layout in earnest....this plan includes storage shelves for me, so I'm happy! He only has one train show that I know of this summer, in Fillmore over the 4th of July.

I'm also busy as can be...or is it busy as a bee?...anyway...I started my Master's Classes which I am enjoying very much aside from the papers I have to write, but even those might be okay once I get going. I got my first official Student Loan. :(  Classes and my three church callings are keeping me on a strict and stressful schedule. (Yes, that's 3 callings: RS Secretary, Camp Director and Activities Committee.) I was told that if you want something done to ask the busiest person you know! They didn't mention that you better ask quick since it doesn't take too long for the meltdown to begin. :) I love to serve, but we all have our limits. I have a two week institute coming up, and aside from the girls activities mentioned above and camp, I am also in charge of my family's reunion this summer. :[ I would like to enjoy some fun, carefree summer days at some point this year. It's a dream of mine.

I guess I know now why I haven't been posting. I've been afraid that I would come over as complaining which I don't mean to do. I have been dealing okay...I am still waiting for the enjoying to kick in. I'm hoping that we'll get some blog-worthy moments in the next few weeks. I'll be on Facebook in the meantime. Thanks for catching up with us!