Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Traditions-Old and New

Winter is here! You can tell when winter comes to St. George because all the leaves fall off the trees. Shaylie had fun scattering the leaves as fast as I could scoop them up!
Taylor and I had fun at our Mama/Daughter date night on Monday! Scott and I always take the girls out for a date night on the first Monday of each month. The girls get to choose what they want to do and we trade off each month. Taylor was sick last week so we went last night.
We went to dinner and then Taylor wanted to see Twilight! Yay me! This was her third time. I would tell you the number for me, but I've stopped counting how many times I've seen it. It was still awesome, but I think I am done for a while...until Dollar or DVD!
Shaylie and her dad went to see IGOR at the dollar theater ($2.00 theater, I should say!) They had fun too! Scott wasn't too sure about the movie though...he said it was a little bizarre. He liked Bolt a lot more! He hasn't seen Twillight yet.
Christmas is giving me stress. I want to start a new tradition of NOT spending money at Christmas time next year. I always overdo it and I HATE it!!!! I loved Janna's story on Sunday about how her mom would make them homemade gifts and they would look for ways to serve others. I would love to have a more meaningful, less expensive Christmas. Maybe as my kids get older, it will be easier to slide into that. If any of you have ideas for me, please share!!! It's too late for this year but I am committed to make a change next year. I'm sure we'll have a nice Christmas this year, but there has to be a better way.


Josie said...

I'm there for the $ movie and for a DVD Twilight party! (I'll even host!) Glad you girls had fun! Good luck with Christmas. I try not to over do it, I don't want my kids to be spoiled, so they can ask for one thing from Santa and one thing from Mom and Dad. It work while they are little anyway!

Melanee said...

Tonya I didn't see you at Walmart last night. SORRY. We were just shopping for dog & cat food. Of course, I was picking up my daughter's xmas photo cards from 1 hr. photo.
That was my mission, fed the animals & xmas photo cards. I was surprised to NOT see the store that busy. I thought it would be sooooo crowded.
I missed you at the Millcreek xmas party. We had so much fun. Then we went to Bingo the next morning. FUN.
Happy Holidays!
Love you,
Melanee (blogging is great)

Annette said...

Our family just gets one thing from mom and dad, and one thing from each sister or brother, and of course one thing from Santa. We don't want to be selfish and make Santa's load too heavy, right?

I love your idea for date night. We try to do our "special night" on the day of their birthday each month. Thane and I switch each month too.

The King Family said...

I think you are so funny about Twilight. :) I love reading about your obsession. :) I love your date nights too - that is such a good idea. AND, simplifying Christmas, I am all about it. We are very simplified this year and I think it will be good. I guess spending 8 years in school with no money anyways helps out too. :)