Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy 38 and holding...

Tomorrow is my birthday! I've decided that this is probably the last birthday I'm having. It's not official yet, I may wait until 39 to stop aging, but I'll let you know for sure. My family went shopping tonight so I'm excited to say that the car isn't my only birthday present! But then I knew it wouldn't be, my family always spoils me. Taylor is even baking me a cake! And, on Wednesday, my friends Annette and Jill are taking me out to celebrate. Who knows what else is in store?

I have to say that I'm so happy with the way my life is turning out. My family is wonderful. I've got everything I could want and I have high hopes for the future. I'm grateful to everyone who has loved me and helped me to get to this point in my life. It hasn't always been easy, but it has definitely been worth it. I'm so blessed and I'm positively looking forward to the next 38 on second thought, maybe I'll keep having my birthdays after all!

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