Sunday, July 27, 2008

Waning Weeks of Summer 08

It is always amazing to me how quickly time goes by! At the beginning of the summer, it seemed like we had endless days of activities: camps, holidays, visits, and reunions! But now, here we are at the end of it all, and it was one of the quickest summers I ever remember. We did have a lot of fun including some unplanned things which are always nice...a trip to the Shakepearean Festival with my good friend Polly and her daughter Amanda and an impromptu trip to Seven Peaks with my Dad and Pam.

Next up is Puerto Rico. Then School. Wow...I think this summer has been a success. I will actually be a little sad to send my girls back to the routine since we've had such a good time together this year. Maybe we always do but as the girls get older, I realize that these fun summer days won't last forever and I better enjoy them while they last.

Taylor especially is growing up exponentially. She has always been amazing, but her talents are increasing on a daily basis it seems like and she is discovering new ways to just be Taylor. It makes me take my time with Shaylie a bit slower and less stressfully. It makes Tay crazy, but I tell her she should be happy that I'm learning as a parent. It's just too bad I used her as my testing ground. She'll understand when she's a mom someday.

So as Summer winds down, we'll get back to our usual routine, but I will try to take some of my Summer Lessons with me: time flies, family time is fun time, and it never pays to be stressed out since it will all be over wlay too soon.

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