Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Puerto Rican Paradise

We had such a great time in Puerto Rico. The training was okay, but I really enjoyed getting out and seeing some of the beautiful world we live in. Everywhere we went I saw miraculous evidence of God's love for us. The sand, the waves, the sky, the clouds all seemed so perfectly harmonized that I could only see it as proof that our world was created with a purpose and a plan.

Especially the night we went to the Bio-Bay, I have to admit I had a moment that brought tears to my eyes. I know the girls would have laughed at me since I cry all the time, but the moonlight and stars and the glowing water were just so profoundly beautiful that I couldn't help myself. It was truly a spiritual experience.

It was also a very romantic 16th anniversary excursion. We kayaked across the bay and into a dark tunnel of Mangrove trees. As soon as the darkness closed in, the luminescent plankton started to glow and both Scott and I were captivated. The guides called the kayaks "divorce boats" because he says couples can't help arguing with each other once they climb in. I was proud of us because we did remarkably well. We found a rhythm and worked very well together. As we came out of the tunnel onto the Laguna Grande, we both ooohed and aaahed. There was no place I'd rather have been that with my honey on the moonlit lagoon. It was hard work but worth it in the end...a little like marriage, I it was fitting.

It has also whet my appetite for traveling. I would love to see more of the planet. I hope we get a chance to visit more places. It was one of the best experiences of my life!

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