Sunday, August 17, 2008

Officially Released

As of today, I am no longer the Primary President for the WF5th Ward. Our presidency was called into Bishop's office last Wednesday and we had a great meeting and we all feel sad but good about the changes that are happening. I came home that night and wrote this entry into my journal. I wanted to put it here as well:

"This has been an amazing experience. I have loved serving as the Primary President in this ward. I am sad to move on but at the same time I am excited for new opportunities. I know whoever replaces me will continue on with all the inspiration and love and support that I have received and will grow as much as I have.

"I am grateful to have made such amazing friends on this journey. We have developed a great love and bond which I pray we will never lose. Melanie Hancock has been such a boon to my spirit. She was my go-to girl if I was ever feeling overwhelmed or inadequate and she always said the right thing to lift me and strengthen me. She loves the Primary children and she carries her testimony and love of the Gospel with her constantly.

"Annette Belnap has been my inspiration and my motivation. She is always full of great ideas, new ways of trying things and endless energy. She is an amazing mom and teacher. Her love for her own children is the same for all children. She has patience with me as I have run to catch up with her and her love of our Savior is apparent in everything she says and does.

"Jill Fullmer is one of the most loving, compassionate people I have ever known. The names on her many lists were never just names--she has always seen into the hearts and minds of every child in need. She always kept her focus and mine on serving and loving the Lord's children. She has also strengthened me with her love of the Gospel and her testimony.

"I am so grateful that the Lord sees in His infinite wisdom how we women need each serve together is to love each other, bring each other support and to cry and laugh and live as He would have us live!

"The children of this Ward have also been a great source of testimony to me. How they love the Savior! Their love and need to do what is right is so powerful. If we could all be like these little children, the kingdom of God would spread like wildfire! The Lord has seen it too and asked us to be like them. There is nothing so pure as the faith of a child!

"I pray that I can continue to learn from the things I have seen and done in this calling. I know the Bishop has been inspired to make these changes. I am grateful for his love of the Lord as well. He and Brother Massey have both been such a great help to me. They have loved the Primary and I am grateful I had for the chance to work closely with them and the Ward Council.

"It is hard to let something so influential in your life go--but when the time is right it is time to take what lessons can be gleamed and apply it to the next challenge ahead.

"I love the Lord! I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ--I pray I will keep my faith always and put my strength to the best use as He sees fit. This is my prayer and testimony, in His name, Amen."

I would also like to add my gratitude to Lisa Loris, Jessica Miller, Jennifer Riddle, Lyndee Leavit and all the many faithful teachers who have dedicated themselves to service. Each of them has had their own special and unique gifts to share and I'm glad to count them among my friends.

Good luck to Alicia Christensen and her counselors! I know they will be equally blessed by our Heavenly Father for their service and love!


Annette said...

Thanks for making me cry! I loved all of your comments! You were the best President ever! You always knew just what to do and say to help out everyone. You truly loved your calling and everyone could see it. The children will miss you very much. You were always inspired and your sharing times were the best!

The King Family said...

You guys were an amazing primary presidency. I know you will be missed in there. You did so much and really cared. Thanks for all you taught my kids and for serving so diligently. Email me at and I will invite you to my blog.

Darin, Lyndsi and Kids said...

Tonya! You are amazing! Thank you for your testimony and example. Thank you for your love of the Gospel and the Primary children of our ward. You bless so many lives with your spirit and kindness. I pray we can continue to build on the wonderful spirit your presidency has brought to the primary. Email me at so I can invite you to our blog too!