Sunday, August 31, 2008

So, I haven't posted in a while...not feeling too brilliant lately! I think I'm having some kind of Mid-life Crisis...but it's too boring and depressing to write I won't.

Today was my first day at church as an Ex-Primary President. It was weird. I actually cried in Sunday School. We were in the overflow right behind the Primary room and I could hear the kids singing and it just hit me that I wouldn't be there every week singing with them. I almost wish I had my new calling already, so I could concentrate on what's next. I still love Primary and probably always will and I don't want to jinx myself, but I don't want to be out-of-service for too long!

My girls activities are picking up this week. Taylor is starting Piano Lessons. She is trading babysitting services for her tuition. It is a good way for her to pay her way. I am so floored by her musical talents. Just another way Taylor makes us love her!

Shaylie is beginning a new Girl Scout troop...the leaders she's had for the past two years are moving up to the Junior level with their girls, but Shaylie is still a Brownie. She was a bit sad to be left behind, but I think she'll have fun with the new group.

We are also gearing up for her Baptism this week! I can't believe it's already here! We are so proud and excited for her. She's really wants to be baptized and is so excited for the weekend to come! She has Activity Days too from now on...she'll enjoy that too!

Maybe I need some kind of activity! Or some other creative seems like as a mom, I'm always concentrating on my girls personal development, but all my best days are behind me. That can't be right! Can it? Oh well, so much for not talking about my Mid-life Crisis!

I'll try to do something fun and creative this week...then I'll have something more fun to blog about in the future!

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