Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mom's OUT of Time

Whoa Nelly! It seems like things have been going warp speed the last few weeks. I just claim victory over one accomplishment when I'm sprinting toward the next goal line (figuratively, of course...I don't run and you wouldn't want to see me doing it anyway.) Somehow, I'm staying on top of things...but barely.

The thing that made me realize really how much time I'm losing is the huge stack of books sitting next to my chair. In normal time warp, I go around picking up books I'd like to read either while shopping or at the library or wherever and usually I read it/them within a day or two. Well, I'm still picking up the books, but I haven't read anything in about two months. Can you imagine? I'm especially burning to read the one I picked up at Time Out.

The other thing I noticed is that when I was trying to organize my calendar and get my act together...that 94.8% of all the agenda items I've been racing to do are my daughters' activities. I imagine this is how it is for all moms, right? (Please don't tell me I'm the only one!) At least when I was reading, I could claim a bit larger slice of the time pie...since reading a book definitely qualifies as my big fat piece of dutch apple pie a la mode!

Unfortunately, I require quite a bit of down time to remain a tolerable member of society and avoid medication...and for me this time comes after the girls (and sometimes Scott) go to bed and I can unwind, relax, READ, or just watch demands, no schedule, no nuffin! Since this time lately has been filled with work, catching up, cleaning and other necessary stuff, I'm running low on the recharge.

Since my motto depending on the situation is "This too shall pass!" or "It can't last forever." or "Don't do dumb stuff!"...I'm hopeful that things will slow down again eventually. Right now, I'm really grateful that my husband is patient with me, that I am appreciated at my job/church job, and that my kids don't yell at me more than 99 times a day. Now if I can manage to read a book...I'd know everything will be okay!

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