Thursday, September 11, 2008

Xtreme Yoga Volleyball

I let my family talk me into joining our Ward volleyball team. It's been at least 16 years since I played my last game, in college I'm sure. I thought I knew the game well enough, even though my "remembery" is very short these days...according to my mom, I was the star player on my high school team after all. :)

But the game we played was a very strange mixture of extreme ballet, yoga, tag team kid chasing, with a little volleyball poured over the top. I'm sure I struck the "dog flies over the moon" pose at least once in my many valiant efforts to save a ball from bonking a toddler on the head...and if we scored a point, all the better.
Anyway, it was fun! I can't move fact, I'm writing this post from a traction rig I set up in my living room. But if I take plenty of Tylenol, set up my physical therapy schedule, and drink lots of water...I should be ready to play again next week. (If you don't hear from me soon, call for help...I'm probably stuck in traction!!!)

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