Sunday, October 26, 2008

My First Tag

I've been tagged by my friend Lyndsi...I'm supposed to post the 4th picture from my 4th photo directory and tell about it. (I cheated a little since I have quite a few directories that are clipart and the actual photo would have been a little yellow bird that nobody including me cares about, but I did use the fourth family photo dir and the actual fourth picture.)

This was from Shaylie's Mom and Me Girl Scout camp up in Park City. She made friends with her cabinmate, Sammy, right away and they were about to set up a game of Go Fish!...I think this photo is within the first hour of moving into our cabin. They were cute little buds the whole three days we were there!

I now tag Mom, Anissa, Chad, Annette, Melanie, and Jill...and whoever else reads this...except for I never feel like I'm really tagged unless someone posts my thanks Lyndsi, that was fun!

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