Monday, October 27, 2008

My Love Languages

I just took the Love Languages quiz and found out that my Primary Love Language is ACTS OF SERVICE with RECEIVING GIFTS and QUALITY TIME tied for second. WORDS OF AFFIRMATION came fourth and PHYSICAL TOUCH came in last for me.

Now I need to read the book so I know exactly what this means. I tried to find a cute widget for this to put on my page, but I couldn't find one...if anyone knows of one, let me know!


Annette said...

That's great! Now we know how you show love to others too, because the way you feel love is the way you give love. You would do just about anything for anyone!

Meghan said...

That book is great!!!! I love it!! Casey and I have it on our I-Pod and listen to it regulary when we are driving long distances *after the kids have fallen asleep* :) Its a great book, and everyone should own a copy :)