Saturday, June 20, 2009

Our 2009 Lagoon Trip

We had such a great time at Lagoon this year! We knew it would be rainy before we went, but we stayed pretty dry...a little damp and muddy at times, but it didn't take away from any of the fun we had. The slide show below shows most of our fun adventures. You can definitely see the changeable weather in the pics...some are full sun and others are dark and stormy.

We went with two of Taylor's bffs Shaylee Sabaitis & Kaitlan Terry. I'm so glad their families let us "borrow" them for a couple days. They were so much fun to have along and we love them lots! My brother Chad and his daughter, Bella, and my sister Anissa and her daughter, Anje-looby-nette Noel Olivas de Fuerte ;) and my mom, Grandma Dawn came along as well. We had a regular tent city set up and it kept us pretty dry throughout. While we were at Lagoon, the girls bedding got pretty wet though, which sent Chad and I on a GPS driven Laundromat search all over the Salt Lake valley in the middle of the night...unfortunately, each place we found had just closed minutes before we arrived...but it worked out all right. By the time we got back, the girls were all tucked up asleep in scrounged blankets and all was well. Chad and I had fun in the dry, warm car for a few hours. We were all glad to pack up camp and head home to the dry, sunny, warm south.

Lagoon was fun as ever...hope you enjoy sharing our adventure with us!

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Melanie and Curtis said...

Glad you guys had fun at Lagoon..we have yet to go there! Maybe the cooler days cleared the crowd a bit? Taylor was very brave to try that't know if I could do the same!

Joe and Julianne said...

Looks like a fun trip! Hope you have dried out and warmed up.