Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Time of Reflection & Renewal

I'm a big fan of New Years. Maybe it's because I'm a big goal setter and this time of year inspires me to take stock of my life. I feel like I did a pretty good job with my resolutions from last year, although some of these are perpetual and will never really be accomplished, overall I did what I set out to do....I feel better, I weigh less, and was definitely more creative in the year past.

This year, I'm still working on becoming a more healthy active person. I'd like to lose about 30 pounds more to reach my goal of 100 total pounds lost since I began my HCG journey. I'm starting another round this week so I feel like that one's in the bag. Keeping it off will be my main focus and to do that I have to be more active. So, my {First Resolution} for the year is to run in a 5K race. I can't begin training until later in the spring (after HCG) but I'm going to be looking to my friends and family for tips and support! I already feel so much stronger physically but I need to work on building up some muscles. I'm looking forward to this very much even though I've never been a runner.

Next, I am making my {Second Resolution} a very tangible one too....I'd like to paint a piece to show in the Washington County Fair. Last year, I set a goal to be more creative, but I realized I was just hedging my desire to paint again, and because I left myself an out, I did just about every creative thing but paint. So this year, no out! I'm going to start painting again and the Fair just gives me a deadline and purpose.

My {Third Resolution} is one I'm already working on (and in perpetuity) read my scriptures daily and to attend the temple EVERY MONTH. I already decided about 2 months ago that I must read my scriptures BEFORE I get on Facebook or my blog or any of the other great time-wasters that eat away my's been working great so far! I just know that I have to get it done. As for the temple, I would love to make our Ward Temple Night but it's sometimes scheduled so early in the evening that Scott and I can't make it, so I'd like to start our own Temple Date Night. We'd love to make it a group thing too, so if anyone else is interested in joining us...just let me know!

These are my goals for the New Year! I still want to choose a new motto as well...I'm looking for a scripture that can be my theme for this year. I'm always so grateful for the Lord's blessings in my life. I want to acknowledge His hand in all I do! With His help, I think I'm ready to tackle some new projects and see if I can find success! I wish all of you the best with your goals and resolutions too! Happy 2010!
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Anonymous said...


You are incredible in everything that you do. I love your focus and wish the very best for you.

Love, Dad

Here is my favorite inspirational quote:

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Laurie said...

I want to run a 5K too! But it will have to be in the fall.