Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

We had a fun Stake Enrichment tonight! We arrived to yummy food--a sandwich and desert buffet--although the lack of tables was challenging. The decorations were cute with a Wizard of Oz theme. We were able to choose from 3 different workshops--"Train your Brain," a stress managment class; "Heart of the Home," FHE class; and "Fresh Courage Take," Parenting class. I chose the latter two and got some good tips and information. I really wished we could have gone to all three classes...I could have used the Stress Managment information too!

More than the information though, I am always so grateful to be able to get together with the ladies of my ward to chat, share stories, commiserate and laugh. I appreciate any chance I can get to catch up on our lives and see each other face to face. We live in an awesome time, when we can contact each other with a click of the mouse...but nothing beats being able to see a friend's smile, hear the emotion in her voice, or feel her arm around your shoulder or give her a pat on the back. I feel like my circle of friends has grown so much with the advent of blogging, facebook, email, etc. and I love staying connected in those ways...but I think my favorite is still getting together for a good old fashioned social. There's nothing like good friends. Thanks, girls!


The Pratt Family said...

I am totally with you on contacting people. I love to blog and catch up with people but nothing beats a phone call or especially a visit face to face. I am grateful for technology but I think people are getting too "technology" with texting and email's and even blogs, that people are forgetting how to act in the moment when they come face to face with someone. We need to teach our children the importance of of physical interaction.

Melanie and Curtis said...

Ya, last night was so much fun. I always look forward to spending time with you Tonya..I think you are such a wonderful person and I love that we have stayed in contact since primary..I thought for sure the moments of getting together would lessen but actually they've increased! How fun. Can't wait for Twilight tonight..yipeee!

Dad said...

And never forget the magic of a good game of cards.


Josie said...

OOh, ME TOO!!!
Have fun tonight! Wish I was coming! Can't wait for March

Katie said...

I love how you put this. I was so happy I got to chat with you a bit at the end- you are so great and I just love you. So eloquently put, Tonya. You should publish this.