Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SUPAF Success!

Both Taylor and Shaylie did an amazing job at their SUPAF recital yesterday. Shaylie was first and she played her piece perfectly. The judge was impressed with her playing-- "no mistakes" and "good rhythm." I was so proud of her because she practiced so hard during the past weeks and I think she really was pleased to see herself get better. She received the highest score you can get--a Superior rating (94/100). Here is the video of her performance: (You'll want to scroll to the bottom of my blog to pause the music before you start the video...)

Taylor also did an amazing job, as usual! She loves to play this piece and she did it just right. In fact, the only thing the judge wanted her to work on was picking up the tempo, which had to make me laugh out loud, because at home Taylor plays this song at almost light speed. She really has a natural talent for music, which the judge recognized. Taylor also got a Superior rating (96/100)! We are so proud of our darlings!!!

I have to give special Kudos to Melanie Hancock, their piano teacher. You can see her hair in the videos above. She really is amazing! She teaches the girls so much without losing her kind and patient manner....no small challenge with my kids sometimes! ;) It was fun to see her so happy for the girls. We love her so much!!


Josie said...

Way to go girls! Ryan has been helping out with SUPAF, (he is the pres. of the St. George exchang club, they always help out with it) so I am so glad that someone I KNOW and LIKE was benefiting from it!

Lisa said...

How fun to hear your girls play! They did awesome! The piano is truly one of life's greatest gifts...and when our children play it, it's an even greater gift! Loved their pieces!

Annette said...

Good Job Taylor and Shaylee! You guys are great!