Friday, February 20, 2009

Funny Kid

I always hear my kids say funny things, but I forget to post them...until today! Here is a funny moment that Shaylie and I had this afternoon. I think it says a lot about her and our relationship:

"Mom, would you rather have 1/10 of a chocolate bar or 1 whole candy bar?"


"I'd rather have the whole bar."

"Nope. Wrong answer."

"Why is that the wrong answer?"

"Because then you wouldn't be sharing with me! You can have 1/10th and I get the rest, okay?"


What a character! She makes me laugh. We never did get a candy bar. Oh well.


Melanie and Curtis said...

Cute girl..she's very whitty!

Anonymous said...

I love the way shaylie shares

Chad said...

So is your Twilight Counter still going to be attended to once you purchase the dvd? Or should we just assume that the number is going to go into the 100s?

tonyajez said...

Chad...I don't know! It might be fun to keep track. We'll have to see what I decide...Love ya!