Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm Not Blog-Worthy

I don't know what it says about me that I have begun judging the majority of my life by whether or not the things that I do are blog-worthy. It seems like I have had a week or so without any major bloggable events....hence the lack of posts....and unfortunately this makes me feel like a Major Loser. I kind of lost my camera too, which makes it even worse, because then I don't have any blog bites AND I have no pictures to document the activity, or lack thereof.

This is not to say that nothing has been happening in our lives, because I'm sure we've been very busy....we've had Dr. Seuss week at school, SEP/Parent-Teacher conferences, meetings, date nights, great spring weather, the dog got a haircut. But....No Pics + No Post=No life...or something like that. I'm sure other blog addicts must feel the same way.

I'm thinking I need to do one or both of the following: 1) start making every day more blog-worthy by doing fun, important, interesting and exciting things and/or 2) accept my occasional lack of blog-ablility with stoicism. Either way, I'm in need of an attitude adjustment.

Hopefully, I'll have something worth blogging about soon. I'll post when I do, or if I don't, I won't but I'll try to feel better about it....


Melanie and Curtis said...

Daily occurances are definitely blog worthy and plus..I love to read what you write no matter what it is because you are so good at it. Keep those posts coming even if you feel they're not blog worthy. I appreciate them!

Becky said...

I think that is the same reason it's so hard to write in a journal. It seems like the pages relay a day by day boring account on life. But in a few years you’ll re-read these entries and find your life wasn’t so boring after all...just hectic and full of life.

Josie said...

you are not a looser!
Just find your camera!
My blog is totally based off my pics, but I'm always taking pics.

Lisa said...

I totally hear you! There were days I used to get lost in taking the perfect pictures for the perfect scrapbook page...taking pictures that would work with my embelishments.'s funny now! I eventually clued in and realized it took the fun out of the everyday moments. I've since let scrapbooking go & enjoy life more, but sad I'm not too good with the balance of it all. I'm counting on my family having good memories. LOL You're doing an awesome job, Tonya...I love reading any post you share. Keep it up & let it come in the perfect rhythm of your life!