Saturday, March 7, 2009

SUPAF Awards

Last night, we attended the SUPAF award ceremony. Taylor recieved a $50 scholarship from the St. George Exchange Club for Outstanding Talent! Several of the students played their pieces for us and many thanks were given to the people who helped with the festival. I'm so glad they do this for our kids. It's so encouraging and supportive!
I'm posting the video of her getting her award...I just started recording in time to hear her name announced so it's a little abrupt...but fun nonetheless....and I've posted pictures of Taylor with the President of the Exchange Club, Ryan Robison (who happens to be a friend from our Ward as well) and with her favorite band teacher from 6th grade, Mr. Winslow, who MC'ed the event last night. We are thrilled with her award, but even moreso with her talent and determination to do her best! Great job, my girl!

Tay and Dr. Robison

Tay and Mr. Winslow


Melanee said...

Hi Tonya,
Congrats to Taylor. What an awesome award she got. Sounds like you are keeping nice & busy too.
Sure enjoy your blog.
Love you,

Melanie and Curtis said...

Way to go Taylor! I am SO happy for totally deserve it! Keep up the practicing!

Josie said...

Way to go Taylor!
I love the pic with her and Ryan, I am so glad you got that.
Congrats Taylor!

Kara said...

Taylor- You are so amazing! I am so proud of you and am so grateful for your talents. Keep up the good work!