Saturday, March 28, 2009

Twilight Party

Well, unless you've been living under a rock, you know that the Twilight DVD Release happened last week! I pre-ordered my DVD from Amazon. They were offering a free Online Rental code to watch Twilight immediately, just in case the mail was delayed. (It's a good thing I did too, since I didn't get my DVD until Tuesday....4 days tragic!) But, the wait was worth it and now I can get my Forks Fix anytime I want...and to make it even sweeter...Scott ripped the DVD and converted it to a file I can watch on my phone...anytime, anywhere! Nice.

I'm also grateful for my friend Josie, who hosted a party for all our fellow Twilight Buddies at her house Saturday night! It was so much fun. There was lots of yummy treats...I dubbed my Bugle treats "Fang Faddle" in honor of the occasion since the Bugles were kind of fang shaped...and much laughing and loving Twilight!

In no particular order, the party attendees included: Me, Josie, Annette, Melanie, Katie, Stacie D., Staci S., Trit, Ashley, Kathryn, and Lyndsi....hope I didn't forget anyone!
Pre-party festivities...we sat around, ate and chatted for almost an hour and a half, before we started the movie...I'm surprised we could all wait that long! It's a good thing I watched it earlier that day! So much fun...can't wait for next time!

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Josie said...

Tonya, you are so much fun! I am so glad we have bonded through our love of Twilight and have become good friends.
I really do want to have a deleted scenes/special edition disc watching night. I can't believe I haven't watched it yet. But I think lets do it!