Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Baker Fishing Trip

We have been a busy family over the past couple weeks! We had a great time up at the Baker Dam Campground with our friends, the Terry's and the Sabaitis's. We had never been fishing as a family, though I had gone several times as a kid with my Grandpa Heath, and the girls were dying to try it. So we bought some poles and a tackle box...forgot bait though...and headed up to the lake. Dallin brought a boat for us to ride in but most of the time was spent swimming, rolling on logs, catching weeds and rocks, and having a great time!

We barbecued, built a fire and roasted marshmallows...only later to find that the lake closes at dusk and no fires allowed...oh well, who knew? We had such fun we didn't even mind getting in trouble.

Kaitlan caught the only fish...she waited patiently in the middle of the lake floating in her life jacket....a nice little rainbow trout and the kids all gathered around to watch Dallin clean it. I never heard such screams of delight and disgust. What a riot!

Thanks to our great friends for making this outing so memorable!
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