Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Strong Family Reunion

We were so glad to get up to my Dad's house for our family reunion. Traditionally, we have held these reunions over New Years' but with everyone being so spread out, we all concurred that summer would be better. We gathered for some good old fashioned relaxing and chit-chat...catching up was fun! We missed my brother Bryan and his family, who couldn't make it from Colorado Springs. The girls especially missed the only boy cousins in the family!

Here are all the girls! We had Chad's girlfriend, Lynn and her daughter, Kaiah, too and it was fun to get to know them as well. This picture was actually taken at my grandparents in Holden, but it is a nice one!

Here's my dad, trying to get a smile out of baby one out of Erin...but I think Myka just hid!

Can't make a trip up north without stopping at Scott's favorite store...the Hobby Hut...he found some good bargains on train cars.

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Josie said...

Glad you have been having lots of summer fun! I hope you are a bit more prepared with rules and regulations for girls camp! ;)