Friday, October 23, 2009

Test Day Tomorrow!!

I take the GRE test tomorrow at noon and I am literally falling apart. My hip is deforming, I'm having a polka-dot party (my HS friends might remember this particular euphemism); my brain is overflowing with numbers, letters, expressions,and random math facts; and one of my co-workers at FRIS is down with Swine Flu as of yesterday...I've been holding my breath and bathing in AB gel since I found out....(feel better, Trish!!!)....AND I've got a to-do list about a mile long!!!!  AAAaaaauuuughghghgh!!!

Okay. I feel a little better. I've done my daily affirmations and I'm feeling better about some things. For example...this test is just a test. It doesn't mean anything. I will get a good enough score so  I will not should all over myself...(sorry....I'm having a Stuart Smalley morning!)

Plus, Halloween is right around the corner...and I love Halloween. We have a fun party tonight...can't wait!!!  I'm looking forward to having something to take my mind off the test! Trunk-or-Treat is next week and I always love doing my Miss Fortune Teller show.  I love how much the kids enjoy it! It is very satisfying. And I told Taylor she could invite some of her friends for a party next week too....not to mention the actual having of Halloween. Lots to get ready for but it's always one of my favorite times of year.

In retrospect, I should probably have planned the test date a little better, but there I go again! Focus, Tonya. Think positive!. What's done is done! Tomorrow is a new day (also Test Day) but the day after that will be awesome! Wish me luck! I will need it!


Becky said...

Just reading the word TEST makes me ill. My advice is take chew peppermint gum. It helps settle your tummy…and Good Luck!!!

The King Family said...

Yes, tomorrow is a new day!

Anonymous said...

Tonya, Tonya, Tonya

Be sure and call me after and let me know that it wasn't a big deal after all. (I know that you can't help being stressed before, but I also know that you are more than capable to get a great score - Chronic overachiever and all).

Love, Dad