Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Did It and LIVED!

I started my C25K training today! Read about it on my HCG Living blog! I just posted about it!

I learned a few things:

  • My body is not as fragile as I think it is.
  • I need new shoes!
  • I need to find a good stretching routine. 
  • I love the Podrunner training tracks. (Link on HCG Living post.)
  • I need a sports bra. (I'm lucky I didn't put an eye out!)
  • I am more than ready to make this change!
  • I finally have something new to blog about!
First day down...only 10 more weeks to go! Yay me!


Melanie and Curtis said...

Yay and congrats Tonya. You are totally capable of anything. You continue to inspire. Way to go!

The Pratt Family said...

I'm glad you still have both your eyes!! Way to go! You're getting me motivated to start exercising again. Thanks! We miss you guys, too. There is a void in our ward now. (Sigh...) You guys add a lot to your new ward, though. Take care!