Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Plop, plop! Fizz, fizz!

Oh, what a relief it is!

I almost had a BIG oops today! I applied for two scholarships to help pay for my Graduate school program. One of my advisors encouraged all the students to apply for these: the Allen and the Jex.  I made sure to dot all my i's and cross all my t's and got them sent in by the deadline which was yesterday at 5pm. Today, I got an email saying that my application could not be considered for the Jenson scholarship since it was only for School of Psychology students, which I am not! It turned out that I submitted one application to the WRONG scholarship!

Luckily, I sent an email right back apologizing and explaining my mistake and the coordinator said she would get it into the right pile!!! Yay! Now I just need to keep my fingers crossed and hope I get some big bucks! If not, I'm going to need some Alka-seltzer for real, when I go to apply for my Student Loans! It will be worth it though! Can't wait to get started....the sooner I start, the sooner I'll be done! Yay!

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Melanie and Curtis said...

Ha, love your plop, plop, fizz, fizz! I am crossing my fingers for you. A scholarship for you would be well deserved! How amazing are you..taking on so many major goals and actually achieving them. WOW! Love ya Tonya!