Monday, August 17, 2009

Family Celebrations!

We celebrated Shaylie's 9th birthday (again!) with our family!
Around the circle: Here is Aunt Anissa (back to us), Grandma Pam, Papa Strong, Shaylie, Grandma Rose, Grandma Dawn, Bella, Kaiah, Lynn and Chad.
Shaylie got so many neat presents!
Thanks to Grandma J for the cute clothes, to Chad & Bella for the Wii Game, to Taylor for the Bracelet kit, to Grandma Dawn for a DS game and Chocolate Frogs, to Mom and Dad for RC UFO, and to Papa & Grandma for her NEW website!
What a happy, fun day!
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Melanie and Curtis said...

What an awesome birthday..especially the website! Way to score some gifts! Happy Birthday!