Monday, November 23, 2009

A Christmas of Service and Love

Since Santa's feeling the downturn in the economy like everybody else, our family (and by our family, I mean me) has decided to limit the number of gifts we are getting this year. Instead, we are going to have "A Christmas of Service and Love" and focus more on the true meaning of the season.
Every day, during the month of December, we are going to try to have a fun, family service project or activity. Some of the things I'm thinking of are: to go to the Temple Visitors Center, to go caroling, to put together kits for the Humanitarian Center, and to visit the Tuacahn Nativity...but 25 days is a lot to I'd love to hear some great ideas from all my friends.
What are some of the fun family focused traditions that bring your family closer to each other and to the Lord? Will you please share them with us? I'm really hoping to make this Christmas season a memorable and fun one for my family!


Melanie and Curtis said...

A tradition I started last year was to give a gift to Jesus. It was for a FHE lesson. Each of the kids thought of a service or Christ like attribute to work on during the season. Then they wrote it down and wrapped it up to put under the tree. At the end of the month, open them up to be reminded.

What a great thing you are doing and teaching your children. You continue to inspire me Tonya!

Laurie said...

I was asking my kids today what should we do in December. Everyone had to come up with one thing. Cameron wants to make brownies. Just the regular Betty Crocker mix. Wow! What a festive idea. Anyway, the main thing we do is read a Christmas story & scripture around the tree each night. Happy Holidays!