Monday, November 9, 2009

New World Order

Well, in my own little world anyway! I have been inspired by all the recent counsel that I have heard to try to establish a "house of order" in our home. I want to be able to teach my children correct principles, and let them govern themselves...I know it's a stretch, but we're going to try.
 So, tonight's family night was a working meeting where we established rules, consequences and rewards...along with a new plan for FHE agendas.  From now on, we will have a chore chart where the girls will be able to earn an allowance, and at FHE they will have to report on how well they did, what they could do better, and what they will work on the following week! We are going to have daily, weekly, and family chores to help us learn housekeeping skills and how to work better as a family. Hopefully the rules and motivators are something the girls will buy into since they helped us set it up.
I wanted to do a Tech-free week as well, but it was overwhelming enough to implement this new plan.  I think we'll get this going and then attempt a TF-week next week.  I was totally amazed at the number of times we were warned against the dangers of technology. I don't want that counsel to fall on deaf (ipod filled) I want to see if we can really do it.  Scott actually suggested that we do this about two weeks ago, and it was I who dragged my feet about it. It will be hard but I think we have to try.
So, wish us luck! This will definitely be a weakness turned to a strength...if it works. I have struggled with what to do for a while, so I'm glad for the good advice I was given this weekend and I'm anxious for a change.


Joe and Julianne said...

You go girl!

Melanie and Curtis said...

Way to be inspired. You can do anything Tonya! It's been your year of great acheivements. Way to stay so motivated. I need some of your energy sent my way! Love you!

Lyndsi said...

What a great plan!! I know you will be blessed for your efforts to follow counsel. We need to implement better ideas for order in our home too. Now if I can only follow your example!! :)