Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Power of Music

Lately I have been listening to 91.3, a classical music station here in St. George. Often they play movie music, such as the Star Wars theme, which I usually enjoy.  Tonight I was driving to the pizza place to pick up dinner for my fam and I was listening to the radio. A commercial for the Five Browns had just finished and I was paying more attention to traffic than anything else, when suddenly I heard this terrifying sound. I didn't process it at first... I was thinking it was screeching brakes, or no...maybe a siren...I was certain it was something horrible and I started to panic, slowing down and looking for whatever was making the ominous noise.  Suddenly, I realized what I was hearing...the theme to JAWS!!  The strings sounding those opening chords (da-dum, da-dum) truly struck panic into my heart...before I even realized what it was.  I had to laugh out loud at myself.  It was scary, hilarious, and humiliating all at once.  I'm just glad I was in my car and not in the ocean...there would have been an accident, and I'm not talking about the traffic.  :)

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