Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon Fun!

I had to show off my cute t-shirt that I wore to our New Moon group date tonight.

A few other girls wore shirts that said, "My heart belongs to (husband's name), but my neck belongs to Edward."  They were cute too!

I had a blast tonight! Half the fun is hanging out with all the girls and their hubbies. We also had some very young, cute girls sitting in front of us who were definitely on Team Jacob. Their sighs and oohs and aahs made the movie that much more fun.

It was a fun night out!


Melanie and Curtis said...

Yay Tonya. It was so fun to be at the movie with you. New Moon rocks and I totally love your t shirt. Way to be in the hipe of it all. Have a good sleep!

Lyndsi said...

Yes - I loved your shirt too!! So cute! And the movie was great. So fun to be there with such a good group! Let's go again soon!!!

Joe and Julianne said...

Cute shirt Tonya!

Josie said...

I had so much fun! I want to go again! And your shirt turned out so cute! Very creative and cute!