Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Baby Come Back

My babies are at camp! I wonder if moms ever quit feeling like their children are babes in arms, needing us for every little thing. Taylor is 12 and Shay is 7 almost 8 and here they are at camp completely on their own. I know (hope) they must be needing me for something by now.

It's very bizarre to think that they will come back to me safe and whole and probably having had the time of their lives and I wasn't even there. It's actually kind of satisfying in a way...I must have given them some survival skills along the way. Maybe right now, they're thinking, "I'm so glad my most perfect and wonderful mother taught me how to weave a basket out of human hair so I could gather non-poisonous berries in the woods." Or something close to that, anyway.

I actually got online to read the camp journals ( and it seems like they are having lots of fun, I'm sure it was just an oversight that they forgot to mention how much they miss us. Maybe a couple poisonous berries got through and made them a little delirious.

At any rate, I will feel much more useful when they are back home where I can continue to teach them valuable life lessons for the next time they leave home. As long as they always come back, I'll consider it a mission accomplished!

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