Monday, June 9, 2008

There is Music in my Soul Today

I added a Playlist widget to my site last night. It was fun to see what kind of music I like--NOT fun to see that I tend to skew old--or should I say Classic? I mostly only picked songs that I know all the words to or had some kind of memory attached, por ejemplo: Restless Heart was played at my wedding! Love that song.

If I could find a site that let you do the same thing with LDS music, I'd have a big long list there too. I've mostly been listening to BYU radio over the past year or so and there are some beautiful songs and hymns that I'd love to have on my site. I especially like the Gladys Knight song Jesus' Love is like a River and my favorite of all time: Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.

I don't really listen to music unless I'm in the car. I forget that my phone has a music (mp3) player built into it, and every once in a while I want to go out and buy an IPOD but with radio and the internet and even music channels on cable, I'm usually covered. I am glad to have a Playlist though, for my favorites. I'm sure the list will grow...I'm already looking forward to adding more songs....and listening to them the next time I update my blog! See you soon!

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jesso said...

Wow! Is this blog already dead?