Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Change is A-Comin'...

Last night, I had a bittersweet night out. My friends and I went out to dinner in lieu of our weekly Primary Presidency meeting. Our stake is going to announce some big boundary changes this coming Sunday..we have three General Authorities coming for a Tri-Stake Conference...and I'm anticipating (dreading) that our Ward will have some changes. My hope is that everything will stay the same, but I don't think that will happen. Almost all of them live across the main road which is a likely place to draw boundaries. So we had a fun night out, but it was sad that it might be the last "meeting" we'll have as a Presidency.

I will miss these ladies that I work with, but in saying that I realize something...It's a weird phenomenon in the LDS culture...that the Ward boundaries create a strange kind of social boundary too. I have friends who still live relatively close, but because they are in another ward I hardly ever see them. I'm sure this is even more pronounced with non-LDS neighbors. I know we've tried to have "neighborhood" parties and activities to involve everyone on our street or in our development but they are still perceived as an LDS function or as an attempt at missionary work, so they're not always that successful. It's too bad, I think. We could all benefit from knowing each other. I know it's always something I try to fight against, but it is a strange thing.

At any rate, I know that for my part, I will always consider the people of this ward as close friends no matter where we all end up. It's been a great pleasure to love and serve with the people of this ward. The Lord teaches us some of our greatest lessons through challenges and changes. I'm sure there are great expereinces in store for all of us....even if they are sad and scary at first.

Taylor is a little sad about the possiblities too. She is enjoying Young Women very much and she doesn't know how this change will affect her. The great thing about the Church is that no matter where you go...the gospel is the same. The teachers and leaders may change, but Christ's teachings are always constant...and there are always people who try to live what they are taught and love those around them.

I suppose I should wait to see what is actually going to happen before waxing so philisophical. I'm sure next week, I'll be too overwhelmed with reality to be bothered with it all, so this is a good time to say it. For my friends in the Washington Fields 5th Ward...I love you and I'm a better person for knowing you all.

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Jana said...

Hey Tonya, I'm glad that I can see your blog. It's fun to know what people are up to even though we only a few seconds away. Thanks for the comments. Hope all is well. Let me know if I can help with VT. That would be helpful if you don't mind covering this month. Thanks again.