Sunday, November 30, 2008

December is here!

We had a terrific time at my mom's house for Thanksgiving! We had about 20 people for our big FEAST at Papa and Great's house! As usual, I forgot to snap any photos, but I did get one of my mom and her sister Pam who was visiting from Texas, via Alabama. She surprised 3 of her 8 kids and their families, who didn't know she was coming. The food was yummy; I finished New Moon, we watched football and movies, and went to see Twilight/Bolt (depending on age/obsession). Mom also spent a good deal of time working on us in the shop--making us beautiful and doing a great job, as usual.

We managed to get in some shopping at the University Mall, where I always see someone I know--this time it was my old Bishop and his wife from Pine View Ward. It's so weird, but true! Then, we helped get the old Coca-cola Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus down from the attic for the Christmas Display in Mom's yard.

All in all, a great holiday with all the traditional trimmings! And now, December. Best wishes for this busiest of seasons!


Melanie and Curtis said...

I loved hearing about your weekend. So glad to hear that you were able to have some "twilight" time! I forgot to tell you today that I like your new hair color. I love how you're always changing it...goes along with your fun personality! Goodnight!

Josie said...

I just love hearing you talk about Twilight! I think it makes me feel better about myself! I am dying to see the movie again. I also just finished New Moon and am onto Eclipse (for the 3rd time) Glad you guys had a great Holiday!

Josie said...

p.s. I got mine and Kathryn's t-shirts off of Stephenie Meyers' website.