Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Let it go, for Sanity's sake!

If you read my blog post about the coupon mess up, you know I am struggling with my sanity when it comes to this crazy coupon clipping. I went back several times last week to try to get some of the GREAT deals, but they were out of everything! Everytime I went, the shelves were empty.

So, last night I was getting ready for this week's sales and reading about how it was going to be another big one with lots of 5-star deals and I went to bed, only to wake up about 3am in a panic after dreaming that I got to the store and everything was gone! I had planned to get up at 6am and get to the stuff before it was gone, but after the dream I decided maybe I need a break from my new OBSESSION! So I let it all go, and if I get some deals, lucky me! If not, I'm good too. At least that's my new objective...I'll let you know how it goes.

UPDATE: I went to the store today and got all the deals I wanted! It was even pretty stress free, although I did have a bit of anxiety pulling up to the store, but it quickly passed!


Becky said...

Yes I am finally getting around to catching up with you on your blog. I can't say I have read all of them, but it's been great to catch up on all of your family adventures.

I made it on the last day of that sale and it was awesome. I am just getting into the world of coupon shopping and I love it. The pantry shelves look so happy when they have food on them. One thing I like about the stores is they will give you reign checks. That has helped me get those great deals when there is nothing on the shelves.

Annette said...

I haven't done the coupon thing for a while. I have found that most of the "deals" I can get cheaper buying the "no name brand" items. Yes the coupons are great, but I think I might just take them to Wal-Mart. It took me going to the store with Thane for him to point out that the no name brand things were still cheaper even after using the coupon. I did get a good deal on Halloween candy at Albertsons though.