Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I went shopping today to get some AWESOME deals, but I totally messed up!

You were supposed to buy in $30.00 increments to get $15 coupon for your next trip. So I spent about an hour preparing to go to the store, getting the list ready and finding coupons. Unfortunately all my organization went out the window because they were out of almost everything I wanted (lots of free stuff this week!)so I had to do some quick and headache-making rearranging at the store in order to hit the $30 mark.

I did get my $15.00 vouchers (twice) but I forgot to use my coupons on the first transaction!!!! And on the second, I was $1.00 short, but they gave it to me anyway because I made such a big noise about forgetting to use my coupons, they just wanted to get rid of me. But I was glad!

I want to go back to get the free stuff or at least try to catch them after they've restocked. I also want to get the KUNG FU PANDA deal. I loved that movie!!! And free stuff is cool too! I wish my head wouldnt' get so muddled while I'm actually shopping. It would be nice to be sharp again, but I'm afraid those days are long gone!

Please, all my friends, I'm begging you...if you hit Albertson's and see that they've restocked some stuff (Progresso Soup, Dove Shampoo, Suave Lotion)...let me know! Thanks!

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Joe and Julianne said...

bummer! I was hoping to get some soup, too :(