Monday, January 19, 2009

Nuttin' To Say

I don't have much to say, but it's been a week and I don't want to disappoint anyone who might be anxiously awaiting my next post.

We had a beautiful January day today! We took advantage of the weather to get outside and do some much needed yardwork! We raked all the leaves that have been falling off our trees since the middle of November. We have the tallest trees in the whole valley and it took some work. We pulled weeds and mowed/fertilized the yard. My back held up pretty well, but I am definitely having spasms tonight...we'll see how I feel tomorrow. What can you do? The work has to get done.

The majority of our weekend was spent working on Taylor's school projects. She had two due was a model of the layers of the earth; and the other was a Utah History Indian dwelling diarama. I have to admit that we all had a hand in the projects...Scott's planning to use her teepee diarama on his latest train layout, so he got excited about helping and I helped whenever Tay asked, so we are all proud of the way her projects turned out:

Shaylie had Anje over on Friday for a fun sleepover. Anje stayed here at the house for most of Saturday so I think she was pretty much ready to go home, but they always have such a good time together.

Oh...we did get to go see Twilight on Friday night too! Taylor had finished reading the book so we went out to celebrate! The 7:00 show was sold out (if you can believe that) so we had to hang out at the mall until 9:30! Shaylee S and Stephanie went with us and the girls bought Twilight shirts that said, "I heart boys that sparkle." We had a great time!

So, sorry I didn't have anything to post. Maybe next time I'll have more to say. :)


Melanie and Curtis said...

I love how the projects turned out. Way to go! And twilight..that 's great news that it is still popular!

Kathryn said...

Wow...that's an impressive diarama...can I hire you guys when my kids have to do those in a few years? Somehow I know they won't turn out 1/2 that good.

tonyajez said...

We'll just keep these and hire them out....we'll talk rates later!

tonyajez said...

Just for the record, Taylor did most of the work herself, but she had the extra advantage of all Scott's modeling materials and having me as a super-supportive, talented and creative mom! :)

Josie said...

Wow I am way impressed with the projects! So glad you had fun at Twilight again! Can't wait for our party! Only 2 months to go!