Monday, January 26, 2009

Dixie Red Storm Basketball

We had a terrific time at the Dixie State Basketball game tonight. They were unveiling the new mascot and nickname for the college....They are now called the Dixie State Red Storm. The mascot is an ox or bull named Ragin' Red. I like it...although I liked my suggestion better..the Red Rox. But I didn't get any takers. Scott wanted the Desert Tortoises. I'm sure this will grow on us.
I love this funny picture of Shaylie...I think she is proud of her new teeth. She didn't have any for so long...she should be proud.

Here we all are in our new Red Storm t-shirts. They gave away nearly 3000 at half time (after a big show with Black Light dancing and a lot of noise from the PA that I couldn't understand.) I was afraid that Shaylie was going to get trampled in the rush...but Scott was looking out for her. Shaylie asked if she could come back to the game tomorrow night. She said the game made her feel happy!! I'm glad. We had a blast!

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